Friday, April 28, 2006

Time Flies~~~~

I can't believe it.. Time really flies.. I stopped blogging for awhile and suddenly few months have passed.. =)

Anyway, all my exams are over and hopefully everything went smoothly. The only burden now is my FYP presentation finally, and the next big event will be going back to resume distruption from National Service. Slp, eat, studying, camping in EIT lab was never fun, but i'm glad I really made some good friends from staying in EIT especially those CE vampires that came back to study in the wee hours in the morning. Haha, it's really frightening sometimes cause I thought i'm the only crazy one to stay in school. Anyway CE people, I really appreciate the help and support u guys/gals given to me (you know who you are if you have the chance to read this blog), thanks for all the supper and breakfast and lunch, thanks for not waking me up when saw me sleeping snoring loudly on the table, thanks for listening to all my grumbling and complains, thanks for all the words of encouragement when I'm down. Wish you all luck in finding a good job, earn big $$$ and don't forget me. ;P

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tammy NYP video

Wow, its really unbelievable that a 17 year old polytechnic girl making love and captured herself in video is circulating in the internet now. Though this is a news several days ago, it is still the most talk about topic now in the bloggers areana all over the world. Really wonder how she can face the whole world now, really pity her actually. Guessed the next thing she wanna do now is to change her name and go for a plastic surgery.

What really disturbing is the person who stole the handphone and deliberately sent it to the lecturers, students and friends. The thief really need a double punishment for stealing a handphone and distributing porn in Singapore which is definitely illegal because just by distributing a song through the internet is already considered commited a offence of infringement copyright rights in singapore =P

Anyway from the wanbao newspaper, it was written that Tammy had already quitted school. Regardless of it is the truth or fake, hope both of victims can continue to move on in life soon. And to everyone out there, hope this serve as a lesson to everyone, effects of technology is not always good and remember to clean your mouth properly after makan~!! ;p

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A sad and tough week

Just last week, got scolded by own Prof for being not proactive enough... said lots of mean words, tested me with bombastic terms and asked me to explain what it means but he knew I may not be able to answer.. then he screwed me again when I answered wrongly.. Damn, tht's evil of him.. haha..

Meeting him was to update him and to get feedback for what I have done and not go in the office and got pinned down by him and demoralised by him like a piece of shit. If this is gonna happen to students everytime, I doubt no one will go approach their lecturers for advice anymore. Anyway having no choice, I really redo almost everything to meet his high expectations, this is also the main reason I have been coming lesser to blog nowadays. =(

I expect tougher weeks ahead, but no choice endure 2 more months and everthing will be over. Wish me luck~!! =)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Make love spot in NUS ?

Remember 2 weeks ago the Sunday Newpaper had an article about NUS top 5 make love spot? In fact 2 of the spots I passed by them everyday. So I decided to do some investigations myself since I use the routes almost everyday to travel up to my lab up the hills, especially Valentine's Day just over and the mood of love is still in the air and mayb I can spot some couples~~ =D

Starting of the exciting journey...

As i keep walking, suddenly I spot a car from afar. Will I have any chance to find any couples inside??? keke =p I walk nearer...

I took a peek inside. To my disappointment, the car was empty and just parked there. Isn't this the #1 make love area written in Newspaper, how come no couples??? haha~

Anyway, I believe couples won't appear so early in the day that's why I never see any suspicious couple around but I really also don't think any couples will consider making out here also espcially with the mosquitoes, snakes, squirels, gorillas.. etc around to be their spectators. Nevermind, I won't give up so easily for my expedition. =P Lastly before I forget,

Happy Valentine's Day to all ~~!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stubborn Stain Remover

Ever since I got my white Nike sport shoes, I have been taking care of it alot to make sure it don't turned dark and dirty. But white materials usually get dirty easily especially when it was wore on the feet. Once it was raining heavily and I stepped into a puddle of mud water. Wah kau.. my white sneakers became brown stained sneakers which the soil stains cannot be removed even after I washed with water immediately after that. After searching for some time and recommendation from a friend, I got this from a D.I.Y shop for around $8.

And **ta daaa~~~** After rubbing the UHU glue lookalike sneaker cleaner stick on the surface of my sneakers, and rubbed the stains off with a wet cloth, my beloved 18 months old sneakers become an almost new pair of Nike shoes~!! =D

Friday, February 10, 2006

OMG, Blood !!!

Today after my tutorial, I was at business eating my lunch with 3 other friends. Since it was the peak lunch hour, we have to separate to find the seats. I was at the upper storey and my 3 friends were at the lower searching for seats. Suddenly I found a empty table, I think " Heng ar.. so lucky let me find seats." =D

While I was waiting my friends to come up to the table, I was standing byt he side of the table and observing the seats checking for bird shits on the seats as birds do hover over our head often in the canteens. Suddenly I realised little patches with drops of liquid on the center of the round green plastic seats. I bend down, take a closer look and could not figure out whats that. I guessed someone must have accidently pour chilli or some sauce on the chair. Up till now I also dunno why, i reached out my index finger and touch the sodify "things" to see if its really dirty or just some patches on the chair which cannot be remove. But somehow I just could not figure out what was it. Since my friends were approaching, I took out a tissue and decide to clean up the seat so everyone will have a seat. To my horror when I rubbed the tissue against the seat to clean it, OMG, I saw blood~!! Dark red in color on my tissue.. Some blood have already solidify and stick onto the chair with some tricklet of blood on it.. Suddenly I realised what exactly it was... My another guy friend saw what I'm doing, staring at the blood on my tissue and was quite shocked also. Exchanging quick stares, I quickly disposed the tissue quickly and asked everyone to find a new table instead. Hah~

I understand that period is sometimes tough on you girls with menstrual cramps and mood change and everthing especially it comes every month. But gals please please, I know you gals don't want it to happen also but if you accidently stained the seats, please clean the seats up or ask yr friends for help if you are too shy to do that. Cause I cannot imagined if I accidently sat on the seats without checking.. =O And I really do lost my appetite after that.. lolx. Hope any gals who read my blog don't feel offend k =)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Down with FYP syndrome

Finally.. glad all my 3 presentation were over at the moment. Every week 1 presentation is really mentally draining and exhausting. Hah, thought I will be able to escape the FYP syndrome sickness cause alot of my beloved classmates have been infected by it and was sick for some time. But too bad it came looking for me while I was preparing my presentation at 4am.

Don't worry, I will fight with the syndrome monster and and make sure he surrender. The weather is too erratic nowadays, my friends please take care of yourself k, drink as much water as possible and eat less CNY goodies. We still have few months to go before we will be free~~ ENDUREEeee *ROARRrrr*